EZIscreen Custom Stencil Printing Kit | Chemical Free Non-Toxic using SPO Films

Stencil freehand or frame and print. Add your own inks.

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Stencil freehand or attach to a frame and print small designs onto paper/ canvas straight out of the box. With SPO Stencil film, transparencies, frame, squeegee and accessories supplied, this is a small versatile stenciling kit for many applications.


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Kit contents & print size see specifications.

Supplied with inks and expanding upon the EZIscreen Starter Series, EZIscreen Printing Series kits contain equipment required to begin printing straight out of the box.

An ideal place to start where you have a few designs to print immediately, possibly a few more to come shortly, yet do not need all the equipment for a wide range of applications straight away, or your budget is limited.

Screens are made quickly using sunlight and water for exposure, eliminating the time consuming process of hand cutting films and adhesives, or the complex/ messy/ time consuming process of emulsion coatings and exposures.


Expanded applications
With the right equipment, your printing application you can easily and quickly change applications by just changing your ink/ paints – the technique for printing fabrics, paper or ceramics is identical excluding the ink your printing.

‘Off Contact’ equipment can also be used for direct printing, simply remove the height adjusters from under the frame.


Improve quality and registration with Jig Hinges
Added to any EZIscreen printing kit, they assist to improve the quality of your print and importantly speed the printing process saving you time. Fast to set up for ‘off contact’ printing. Place height adjusters under the frame in the clamp.

  • Accurate prints time and time again as the frame raises and lowers in the same position.
  • Double print speed instantly. The simple act of holding your frame between prints eliminates time taken to grab, raise, move and position the frame, a simple act that saves a considerable amount of time on longer print runs.
  • Jig hinges are a halfway step between freehand ‘off contact’ printing and a multi-colour jig.
  • Jig hinges are low cost and flexible, they can be attached to any board or table using screws.
  • Reprint areas by lowering the frame a 2nd time - ideal for missed areas or when you ran out of ink.
  • Use with Supercover/ opaque fabric inks for solid coverage and reprints if required.


Printing Multiple Colours
EZIscreen Printing Kits are supplied for single colour printing straight out of the box. Quickly change colours by cleaning and then resume printing in your new colour. It is possible to change colours without cleaning the squeegee, however colour mixing will occur between the colours, or achieve a rainbow effect by loading the squeegee with multiple colours.

For accurate colour registration, a carousel/ printing jig is required - see EZIscreen Pro Multi-Colour Package.


Pack contents listed under specifications tab.

Artwork & Imaging

  • Inkjet/ hand drawn/ laser onto artwork transparency
  • Expose in sunlight or indoor under U.V. fluro lamp
  • Water clean-up, no chemicals or solvents used


  • Freehand/ Squeegee/ Brush/ Paint/ Roll/ Sponge/ Spray
  • Paper/ Wood/ Ceramic Transfer Printing

- Fabric printing with suitable inks
- Ceramic printing with suitable ink/ oxides

Printing Type & Colours

  • White & Light Colours/ Direct Printing/ Single Colour

- For black, dark colours see E-203 Supercover Printing Kit.
- A multi-colour jig is recommended for printing multiple colour artwork.

Print & Frame Size

Max Print Size: 135x214mm
Max Print Size Mounted to Frame: 110x180mm
Suitable Frame: FP-120x190
Suitable Squeegee: SQ-P3/ SQ-P6/ SQ-110/ SQ-170


Kit Contents

4 x SPO Stencil - 139x218mm
1 x EZIscreen Stencil Exposure Cover
5 x A4 EZIscreen Artwork Transparency (cut to 10 x stencil size)
1 x EZIscreen Washout Brush
1 x EZIscreen Digital Timer
2 x Plastic Frame ID: 120x190mm (no tape)
1 x 75mm EZIblade Applicator/ Squeegee
1 x Screen Masking Tape (24mm x 75M)
6 x Poster Paint - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and White
4 x Ink Applicator (wooden)
EZIscreen Usage Guide


SKU E-201
Barcode # 9334315037439
Brand EZIscreen
Shipping Weight 2.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.360m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 0.260m
Shipping Cubic 0.006552000m3
Unit Of Measure Kit
Type EZIscreen Printing Kit

SPO film is a consumable item with a shelf life. Refer to website warranty section for SPO Film specific conditions and suitability of usage.

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